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Emanuele Borello, born in 1980 from Saluzzo, a small town in the north-west of Italy. His love for Graffiti and colors brought him in on taking courses and workshops in trompe-l’oeil and in mural decoration. He then started to work in the renovations of beautiful palaces and churches. At the same time also started to study to Graduate in restorations and conservations of Cultural heritages. His business ”Solart” was established in 2007, it was to paint new and old restorations of wall decorations. In 2013, after recovery from two back surgeries , he started teaching in different schools. 2015 was the start of his career assisting other body painting artists and that started his love and adventures in the world of bodypaint competitions. With this, it opened his world of creativity in this field and many other artistic domains


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3?? place Daeugu International Bodypaint festival in SOUTH KOREA ’19

3?? placeWORLD Bodypainting Festival 2019_ Airbrush_ Klaghenfurt_ AUSTRIA assistant Veronica Buttigliero

3?? place Daeugu International Bodypaint festival in SOUTH KOREA ’18 in Team with Alex Hansen

4??place WORLD Bodypainting Festival 2018_ Airbrush_ Klaghenfurt_ AUSTRIA assistant Veronica Buttigliero

1??place ETNACOMICS Bodypaint Contest 2018_ Catania

2??place Lucca TATTOO Convention Bodypaint Contest 2018_ Lucca

3?? place French Bodypainting Festival?? 2018 PARIS_ WB production- Versailles Paris EXPO

1?? place?? Nord American Championchip in team con G. Campolungo _ Living Art America Greensboro N. Carolina USA ’17??

4??place Daeugu International Bodypaint festival in SOUTH KOREA ’17

3??place Pro Special Effect , asssitente B. Carrugati at World Bodypainting Festival _ Klaghenfurt AUSTRIA’17

1??place of the people jury and 2?? Bodypaint Cuneo arte in piazza Boves 2017??ITALY

1?? placeLupi da branco Bodypaint _ Bruino (TO) 2017??ITALY

1??postfestival dell’oriente Torino 2017??ITALY

5?? placeCampionato Italiano Bodypaing e 1?? premio del pubblico _ Bardolino (VR)2016??ITALY

5?? place Bodypaint in vetrina _ Lido di Camaiore 2015 e 2016 ITALY

4??place Living ART America , north America Championship _2016 Greensboro USA

1?? place Modena benessere festival_ModenaFiere ITALY

5??place Daeugu International Bodypaint festival in SOUTH KOREA’16

1??place Rabarama skin art festival _ selezione ligure Varazze 2016 ITALY

1??place Bodypaint Porto San Giorgio (MC) 2016 ITALY

2??place “the BODY”_ Bodypaint contest Andora 2016 ITALY

10?? place World bodyapaint Festival 2016_ Klaghenfurt, AUSTRIA_ Special effect per Rudy Zanzibar Campos

9?? place World bodypaint Festival 2016_ Klaghenfurt, AUSTRIA_ Amator per Beni Art from France

2?? place fatebene, Faenza fiere 2016 ITALY

2?? place category pro e amatori al Modena benessere festival 2015 ITALY

4?? place bodypaint in vetrina Lido di Camiore 2015 ITALY

1?? place Rabarama Skin ART festival 2015 come assistente Lucia Postacchini ITALY

4?? place Vallemagic Bodypaint Vallemaggia_ SWISS 2015

3?? place Vallemagic Effetti speciali _ Vallemaggia SWISS2015

3?? place Rabarama Skin Art 2015 festival Torino selezione ITALY

4?? place ???Winter european bodypaint championship???_ Verona 2015 ITALY

1?? place sfilata Palio ALBA 2017 and 2013?? makeup , special effects ane costumi, bodypaint e costumi realizzati per borgo San Lorenzo Alba ITALY

other events:

ARITMIA Music Festival 2018 SALUZZO (CN)

Organizer Bodypaint Contest ARTE IN PIAZZA _ Cuneo

Organizer BODYPAINT JAM for SketchMATE 2018 Cavallermaggiore (CN)

GAUDI’ Event _ Bodypaint live performance for GRIFF IN Fossano (CN)

SLOTmob_ Live Performance per manifestazione Ludopatia, Azzardopatia contro il Gioco d’azzardo _ BRA (CN)

Illusion_ resident makeup artist presso Rham disco Torino, music art party

Capodanno jungle _ OZ eventi presso Badrutt’s palace hotel _ St. Moritz SWISS

Calendario greenstation Milano _ Luca Patrone Ph.

Makeupartist at Halloween night ORLANDO USA

Fantasy fest Festival in KEYWES Florida anni 2016 e 2017

Summer never Ends Festival _ Rona Swiss??

Bodypaint live per Iacuzzi IDROTERM , dimostrazioni per eventi itineranti_ Cuneo, Carmagnola, Alba

Giurato per RABARAMA SKIN ART Festival Torino e Montecatini Bodyart festival 2017

Bodypaint Scketch Mate 2017 _ Cavallermaggiore

bodypaint Abano Terme 2017

Irish bodypaint festival Massa Carrara2017

Spring breack 2016 _ PULA Croatia

Neiverland _ bodypaint alice in wonderland. Neivev (CN) 2016

makeup artists director per CERES halloween night Torino 2015

fuorisalone milano 2015

festa della donna project VALENCIA spain 2016

Bebido party night _ Bodypaint per disco event_ Torino 2015 e 2016

Bodypaint performance per AUTOMOTO RETRO’ TORINO _ Lingotto Fiere 2016

Rievocazione storica , makeup cinematografico effetti speciali Cocconato ASTI 2015

Video musicale Zombie _ LDA skleroMAn

Palio degli asini di Alba, rievocazione storica, makeup effetti speciali su 40 figuranti .

Halloween night XL Alba

UV party, discoteca AEGUA VARAZZE, Finale Ligure, TOPSY Saluzzo


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